At Carpe Tempus™, LLC we’ve created a movement that fosters human connection, celebrates life, and encourages a healthy life balance.

For the past few years the pandemic has caused many of us to shy away from gathering with friends and family. Life’s precious moments slipped through our fingers as we grappled with the twists and turns of changing schedules and work demands. We were forced to watch from the sidelines, putting off or scrapping significant events due to the uncertainty of how to gather and socialize safely.

Getting back in the new normal we were eager to reunite with our loved ones and make new face-to-face connections however we still struggle to make it all fit in!

We are the place that makes it ALL happen! With Carpe Tempus™, you can create and manage your own schedule, stay up-to-date on your friends’, family’s, and colleagues’ events, and discover what’s happening in your local community.

Stop waiting and take control of your life. Join Carpe Tempus™ and make it all happen!

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