The idea of Carpe Tempus TM was born during a time when the world faced many uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You remember, don’t you? It was a time where you had to be strategic about when to go to the grocery store or the gym due to limited hours and limited building capacities. Many events in both large and small cities were being canceled left and right. Out of necessity, this was a time when the world had no other choice but to disconnect and become isolated in order to save the lives of many. Working at the local hospital, we saw the importance of quarantining and momentarily isolating ourselves from large crowds, but it also brought to light just how important human connection is to each and every one of us. So after a long day at work, we sat down and decided to find a solution to reconnect and bring the world back together in harmony just as it was before.

Looking back on things, it’s crazy to think that the thought of “getting a birthday gift for an upcoming birthday” would spark the beginning of the solution that we were searching for. The spark was so great that the next thing we knew, we soon had a clear vision written out, a business plan ready to be presented, and a name that would encompass the significance of the platform. You see, the pandemic opened our eyes to how precious time was, and we realized that if given the opportunity to enjoy life, you should seize every moment presented to you. So Carpe TempusTM just made perfect sense. It was a name that brought everything full circle.

So here we stand with a functioning prototype, a landing page, and a determination like no other to present to the world a mobile application that will bring ease, organization, and peace to the day-to-day hustle and bustle of things. We know the road ahead won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Plus, we are certainly ready and up for whatever lessons and opportunities lie ahead. This is just the beginning, and with God on our side, all things will come together beautifully as they should in perfect timing!

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