Status update: Moving mountains

The anticipation is definitely building. If you are wondering where we stand with launching Carpe Tempus and what’s next, well, let’s just say we are in a character-building phase 😉 We’ve reached a hurdle now that seems like a mountain! Don’t worry; we know that mountain will move! Presently, we are putting in the work to get funding for the development of the final product to launch the app. While we work towards our goal, we are PRAYING and remaining patient. We can tell you this: trust and believe that it will be worth the wait! What you’ve seen on the website is just a glimpse into what’s to unfold next. 😁

Honestly, up until this point, things seemed pretty straightforward, with a few minor hiccups in creating Carpe Tempus. We knew this current phase would be a period that required persistence, prayer, perseverance, patience, and positivity on REPEAT. This funding phase has definitely been a learning curve. There are so many avenues to explore, aspects to consider, research to be done, and processes to complete. Luckily, we aren’t scared of hard work.

We are so fortunate to be at this point, although we know we’ve got a long road ahead to grow into a large business. Carpe Tempus is up for the challenge and look forward to people taking this adventure along with us. We know what we have to offer the world with our platform and future services, and we can’t wait to deliver!

Some funding obstacles we’ve come across so far include where to find enough funding sources that fit our needs at this phase of business, whether via online, word of mouth, and/or books. Also deciding which avenues to consider for funding: grants, loans, investors, fundraising, etc. As well as exploring other means of how and where to fundraise. We have also taken into consideration, while seeking funding from other organizations, that their vision and mission align with ours, so we don’t compromise our values.

There’s a lot of information out there on funding, and many organizations offer some form of assistance. What we’ve noticed is that many have very specific criteria that can be limiting, whether it’s location-based, phase of business, specific population(s), or business markets. We are actively navigating through the complexities of funding for Carpe Tempus, and thankfully, the more sources we seek, the more we learn about what’s out there to consider or avoid throughout each business step.

We will continue sharing our story with everyone throughout our journey. For those who are dreaming of sharing their gifts and passions with the world, go for it. No matter how long it takes or any hiccups along the way, don’t stop! We’d love to hear about your dreams, any tips on how you overcame obstacles, and/or any encouragement you may have.

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